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Antofagasta Industrial Association

247 member companies.
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¿Who are we?

The Antofagasta Industrial Association (AIA) is a business guild.  It was established in 1944 in the Region of Antofagasta, Chile with the aim of supporting regional development and progress by promoting and capitalizing on the opportunities that the industrial sector offers for economic growth and social strengthening of the country.

In the course of its history, AIA has been involved with some major regional milestones, being a significant player in the development of industry such as the port sector but especially with the mining sector. 

At the end of the 1990s, AIA envisioned the opportunities for the mining sector, foreseeing the synergies of the region that is well endowed with natural resources, to strengthen a regional development strategy, based on the 2.0 mining cluster model.  This would allow for the consolidation of a long-term policy at regional and national level, while strengthening the engagement between the public-private sector.

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In this context, AIA currently has a wide and consolidated network of links and alliances with pertinent companies in the sector and, in particular, with small and medium-sized mining.  AIA also belongs to the boards of the following institutions: The Mining Cluster Corporation, Antofagasta Region; Energy Cluster; Climate Change and Sustainability Agency; The Atacama Astronomy Park; Hub Apta; Programme of the Integrated Territorial Logistics Platform; and the Centre of Integrated Pilot Mining Technology.

In addition, AIA belongs to the Regional Guilds Network for the Industrial Development Society (SOFOFA) and its Committee of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

We would like to highlight that AIA and the region was part of the organisation for the First OECD Meeting “Mining Regions, building a network to boost productivity and well-being”, which was held in 2017 and brought together mining countries such as Australia, Canada and Chile together with representatives of international organisations and large companies in pursuit of the objective of promoting networking to promote economic growth and competitive production, incorporating variables such as well-being, sustainability and care for the environment. The event was later held in Darwin, Australia, and Skellefteå, Sweden.

AIA plays a primary role in the progress and growth of the region, working in line with its strategic guidelines which are:

  • Development of Human Capital
  • Social Responsibility
  • Production Chains and New Businesses
  • Business Competitiveness
  • Innovation


2020 AIA Annual Report

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2019 AIA Annual Report

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2018 AIA Annual Report

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2017 AIA Annual Report

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2016 AIA Annual Report

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Region of Antofagasta

The Antofagasta Region is the mining capital of the world.  The Region produces 54% of the copper in Chile and 15% of the global supply. It also accounts for 34% of mining investment in Chile for the period 2018-2028, with a portfolio exceeding US$24 billion. Currently, it has 18 mining projects in operation. We would like to highlight the mining companies of: Antofagasta Minerals, BHP, Codelco, KGHM, Freeport-Mcmoran, Glencore, SQM and Albemarle, all of whom are partners of the AIA guild.

As far as the energy sector is concerned, the Antofagasta Region has firmly positioned itself as Chile`s hub for the development of the energy industry nationally.  The Region has the largest installed capacity in the country with 5,945 megawatts, which amounts to 24.5% of the national total. Renewable Energies now reach 15.6% of total production, highlighting solar photovoltaic, wind and geothermal. There is also an important portfolio of projects under construction: 24 in total, of which 18 are in solar energy, 5 wind energy and 1 thermal energy, projects that will contribute 2,523 MW of renewable energy to the National Electricity Grid.

Astronomy is also a significant sector, the Antofagasta Region, located in the middle of the Atacama Desert, the most arid in the world – and therefore – with the clearest skies in the world, is recognised as the world capital of astronomy. The Region hosts 85% of the installed capacity worldwide. The most important observatories and radio telescopes include ALMA, Paranal, ELT (under construction) and the Atacama Astronomical Park where several astronomical projects are hosted.

The Tourism sector is also significant. Antofagasta is well equipped for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions (MICE) and able to host wide ranging events from corporate meetings, to large seminars and national and international congresses. Facilities include conference rooms that can host up to 900 delegates; a 123,000 square metre exhibition and major event facility; more than 5,500 beds in 5, 4, and 3-star hotels; and the unparalleled tourism experiences offered by the Atacama Desert, supported by outstanding national and international air connectivity.

Strategic Units

Here, you will find you have the opportunity to generate networks with supplier, mining, energy, and industrial companies, and develop commercial relations in the industries that converge with the Antofagasta Region. The Centre organise a series of activities focused on the generation of business opportunities, such as Business Meetings, Business Conferences and Trade Missions abroad.

Contacts: Natalia Femenías, – Valeria Varas, – Alicia Reyes,

The International Exhibition for Innovation and Technology for the Mining & Energy Industry is a business platform that brings together mining companies and supply companies offering a comprehensive programme of activities aimed at generating opportunities and business networks for the mining and energy industry at national and international levels.

Contact: Andrea Moreno,

The Supplier Qualification System (SICEP) is a registry of companies who work within the mining, energy, astronomical and port sectors.  It offers a quality assurance standard for businesses working in these sectors by providing audited information on the companies in their registry, helping buyers searching for an adequate selection of suppliers for projects, to reduce the risk of contracting and, consequently, the decrease of operational costs. It is an information platform or register of supplier companies to the most important mining companies and large industrial companies in the country. Today it hosts more than 3,500 supplier companies within the registry.

Contact: Ricardo Muñoz,

Is the Unit responsible for the promotion of the Antofagasta Region internationally and for positioning it as a destination for MICE Tourism (Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, Exhibitions) mainly aimed at attracting events for the region’s sector focus of mining, energy, and astronomy. The implementation of activities for the sector MICE Tourism, enhances other activities that diversify our productive matrix, as it is Business Tourism that boosts the local economy to the benefit of local sectors including the hotel, culinary, transport and tourism sectors, amongst others.

Contact: Alicia Reyes,